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Repair Canon MF9220Cdn Printer Error Codes Canon Servie Tool

Repair Canon MF9220Cdn Printer Error Codes Canon Servie Tool

– Printer model: Canon MF9220Cdn
– Error codes on Canon MF9220Cdn model and its description:

– Canon MF9220Cdn printer Error Codes and quick guide to troubleshooting:

About Canon Servie Tool V5610

Canon Service Tool V5610 is a tool used to perform maintenance on Canon printers and reset Canon printers after replacement of parts such as replacing ink absorbents, print heads, printer mainboard, and others. Based on the many cases we have encountered, the Service Tool is most often used to reset ink absorber counter value when the waste ink absorber is full.
– The ink absorber is going to be full of box, it has to be replaced or cleaned the waste ink absorber. Also, replaceing or cleaning the waste ink absorber, you need to repair or reset the waste ink counter value, cause those parts are concerned to each others.
– So using Canon Service Tool V5610 to reset the waste ink counter value becomes effective when the ink absorber is replaced or cleaned.

– Canon Service Tool V5610 can use to fix error code 5B00, 5B02, 5B04, 5B14, 1701, 1702, 1700 on your printer. You must enter Service Mode on your printer to use this Canon Service Tool.
– If the printer can not enter Service Mode, you can not reset it by Canon ST V5610. In this case, change EEPROM on the logic board.

Canon Service Tool V5610 Functions

– Fix Canon printer 7 times/ 8 times red light blinking:

– Fix Canon printer error code: 5B00, 5B01, 1700, 1701

Enter Service Mode on Canon Printer

1. Turn off a printer.
2. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel/Stop button.
3. Press and hold the ON button (do not release both buttons).
4. Release the Resume/Cancel/Stop button (do not release the ON button).
5. While holding the ON button, press the Resume/Cancel/Stop button 5 times, then release both the ON and Resume/Cancel/Stop buttons together.
– Canon printer in service mode: computer detects new hardware, led on printer goes green light.

– Download Canon driver and firmware in specific model:
– Download Epson driver and firmware in specific model:


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